ASP clients gateway method

The new remote access solution is only available for ASP clients.

This provides an inexpensive remote access solution using two factor authentication. After the clinics add the email addresses to the trusted users list, those users can login to our website to activate their location, after using the website the user has 15 minutes to activate the location, by clicking on or typing the PIN into the website. This location will be available until the end of the day after this is complete. All Telin VPN`s will automatically authorize their locations as well. On the website it will generate the .rdp file to automatically launch their mediplan desktops (this works on both windows and mac(assuming you have the new RDP client installed).

Step 1: The clinic manager must setup access for each employee who wants access to this system and manage this list on a regular bases. You must log into the Telin customer portal on the website using your clinics username/password.
Once in, click on "Gateway RA emails" and add users (as well as delete).

Step 2: Hand out the following URL to your staff:

Each time a staff member wants to login, they must:

1) goto:
2) enter your email address
3) wait for the email to arrive
4) click on the link at the bottom of the email, or enter your email and pin on the website (you have to do this within 15 minutes of 2) above
5) download the mediplan.rdp file (we recommend you save this file on your desktop)
6) double click on the mediplan.rdp file
7) login as normal
8) this will be active until the end of the day (Mountain Time)

If you have any problems with this service, try registering again first before emailing for support. Ensure your clinic manager has added your email address to the system.

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