Delete The 4D Folder

If you are experiencing Mediplan crashing, you may want to try this. 

Make sure Mediplan is shutdown on that user before attempting the following.

Deleting the 4D folder will clear out the cache and solve many problems with 4D client crashing, as well as other issues. Try this first before calling technical or application support.


- On a Mac delete the following folder:

Macintosh HD/Users/Library/Application Support/4D


- On Windows delete the following folder: (you may need to turn on show hidden files and folders under tools: folder options then under the view tab).

C:/Documents and Settings/"username"/Application Data


search %APPDATA%


- Delete the 4D folder.


If you see duplicating resources locally on next mediplan login, the duplication was succesful. For 10.5 To show the hidden files/folder Open Terminal, put in the command "defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES" then relanuch Finder. The 4D folder should be located under Macintosh HD User user name Library Caches 4D delete the 4D folder and restart the Mediplan Client.

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