Moving Reports and Labs
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
Inbox - Maintenance
Added on Thu, Nov 5, 2015
When you open your inbox you will see only the "Mediplan menu bar". This is a floating bar (click and hold mouse on the top blue bar to move the bar to another location on the screen). The Inbox Maintenance is a management tool used to administer... Read More
Lab Results
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
LAB displays the lab results filed against that patient’s name (scans and electronic reports). Labs can be viewed from several different screens. from the patient chart under the lab icon From a new encounter under the lab tab The physician... Read More
Deleting an encounter
Added on Tue, Oct 27, 2015
Must be logged in as an administrator. Go to Data and then to inbox maintenance. Click on encounter(the very bottom of the tool bar) The buttons on the bottom of the page are to help you search for the encounter you are looking for. If you would... Read More
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
In the patient chart there is a report section. This section is for scanned in documents, such as things from old paper charts and new patient information such as DI's and other tests that don`t fit in the lab catagory.     The physician inbox... Read More
Electronic Labs
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
Reviewing Labs When you are using electronic labs they are imported right into your system. The labs go right into the patients chart they also go into the physicians inbox.   In the physician inbox under the labs tab is where all of the unreviewed... Read More
Merging Patient Charts
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
MERGING PATIENT CHARTS   If there is one patient in your system that is entered with 2 names, you can merge them. This is done by going to data, then Inbox Maintenance (fig. 1) then from there Registration (the blue folder at the top of the bar) ... Read More
Unlocking an Encounter
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
Encounters lock after 30 days, if information still has to be added/changed to a locked encounter it first has to be unlocked. To do this go to Inbox Maintenance (under data) and choose the encounter tab. Search for the patient by name, hit on the... Read More
Moving and Deleting Letters
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
  Deleting and Moving Written Letter   This task can only be done while logged in as an administrator In the patient chart that you would like to remove the letter from, open the letter. Copy the body of the letter by highlighting all of the text... Read More