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Adding a new Doc
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
When adding a new doctor the first thing that needs to be set up is the BA#(business arrangement number) with Alberta Health. *Note - before billing is started Telin has to be contacted for the Dr. to be set up on the Telin side*   If the physician... Read More
Prescription Letterhead
Added on Tue, Oct 27, 2015
When the doctor wants to set up a letter head with their name as well as the clinic name and address, it is done in the `Sign On`.   In Mediplan go to `Other` then to `Sign On`, double click on the doctors name and go to page two. You will see that... Read More
Adding Report Types
Added on Fri, Nov 13, 2015
Adding Report Types: To add new report types, in Mediplan, go to Other > Sign On. Double-click any doctor, and then go to page 3. At the bottom left will be a "Report types" dropdown menu.   Click "Add" and you can add as many new report types... Read More
Sign On
Added on Tue, Oct 27, 2015
Go to" Other/Sign-on". To create a new doctor setup, choose "ADD NEW RECORD" from the bottom of the screen. To modify the settings, double click on the physician. Some important things to note:     Physician: use a unique number that is not... Read More
Added on Thu, Oct 29, 2015
Your signature can be scanned electronically into Mediplan. This function enables you to add it into a letter while creating and editing your letter in Mediplan. Once your signature has been scanned into Mediplan and is available for you to insert to... Read More